The Artist's Academy

Artist's Academy

Teaching drawing and painting is important to me; it is a way for me to connect and inspire others to cultivate understanding and appreciation of our world through these languages.

At Artists Academy, my institute for drawing and painting, I offer singular programs, workshops and classes, with an observational focus, for all levels of ability.

Engaging in the dynamic process of observation enables student-artists to develop understanding of the complexities of visual experience and powerful expression in pictorial terms of drawing and painting.

The curriculum involves student-artists to work from life in an array of subjects including still life, human figure and landscape. Additionally, student-artists will work from historical and contemporary artworks in ways that will further develop their pictorial intellect. Such engagements will equip student-artists to achieve an essential mastery of key principles, methods and techniques, as well as a critical appreciation of these mediums, involving their rich history and contemporary practice.

Artists Academy fosters an environment that is conducive to inquiry and experimentation in order to facilitate discovery and growth.

Instruction mainly involves extensive individual and group critiques, as well as demonstrations and lectures.

All programs, workshops and classes are limited in size in order to enable for the optimal growth of each student-artist.

Artist’s Academy is located in Toronto at Unit # 214 of 1485 Dupont Street, a historic building with and within an artistic community.

Painting Observation


Drawing at ROM

Explore observational painting through still-life!


Explore observational drawing at the ROM!

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